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Kalamata Native Finds her Calling in Greek Radio and TV in Toronto

By Sean Mathews Irene Anargyou is usually the one asking the questions. Since 2018 the Kalamata native has co-hosted Agape Greek Radio’s "Doralicious" FM and...

How Canada Can Help Return Parthenon Marbles to Greece

By Andrew Tzembelicos Recently, there has been renewed debate about the Parthenon statues, which were chipped off the facade of the iconic building in the...

Lessons From Greece for Canada’s Newly Re-elected Prime Minister

By Andrew Tzembelicos* On November 20 the newly re-elected Canadian government of Justin Trudeau will begin its next chapter with a swearing-in. There is much...
Xavier Bettel and Nikos Nikkolopoulos

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Greece

Greek-Canadian social entrepreneur Andreas Souvaliotis pens an open letter to Prime Minister of Greece after a Greek MP wrote a homophobic Twit to the Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel.

On Resiliency of Greek People

A Greek medical student from the University of Ottawa explores the role of human resilience as a resolution for the current Greek crisis. By Maria...
Eldorado Gold Mining Protest in Greece

Greeks Protest Against Vancouver’s Eldorado Gold Mining

By Dawn Paley - As people in Greece fight austerity in the streets, top officials are pushing open pit mining as a way out...