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Xavier Bettel and Nikos Nikkolopoulos

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Greece

Greek-Canadian social entrepreneur Andreas Souvaliotis pens an open letter to Prime Minister of Greece after a Greek MP wrote a homophobic Twit to the Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel.

On Resiliency of Greek People

A Greek medical student from the University of Ottawa explores the role of human resilience as a resolution for the current Greek crisis. By Maria...
Eldorado Gold Mining Protest in Greece

Greeks Protest Against Vancouver’s Eldorado Gold Mining

By Dawn Paley - As people in Greece fight austerity in the streets, top officials are pushing open pit mining as a way out...

Toronto’s Greek revival is alive and well

By Jennifer Merrick Toronto - “Opa!” the waiter shouts, as the brandy-soaked Greek cheese bursts into flames. This scene unfolds repeatedly in restaurants that line Toronto’s...