Thousands Gather to Celebrate “Greek Day” in Vancouver

Thousands of Greek-Canadians and others gathered for the annual “Greek Day” celebration on the West Side of Vancouver last Sunday.

The event, which was presented by the Hellenic Congress of British Columbia, honors and celebrates 2,500 years of Greek culture.

It also shines a spotlight on the rich history of Greek-Canadians in BC’s Lower Mainland.

But of course, it wouldn’t be Greek Day without healthy servings of souvlaki, dolmades, keftedes, and spanakopita as well.

Greektown, located in Vancouver, British Columbia is an area in the Kitsilano neighborhood which was historically an enclave of Greek immigrants and their descendants.

The term is an informal one, and Greektown’s borders were never strictly defined. However, West Broadway, at Trutch Street, is generally considered the heart of the neighborhood. Residents of Vancouver’s west side even refer to Greektown as “Greek West Broadway.”