Attend the Toronto Screening of Greek Film Sensation ‘Worlds Apart’

Toronto is getting ready to screen the sensational Greek hit “Worlds Apart”. The public screening of the award-winning film is thanks to the Greek America Foundation, which is proud to host Toronto’s only theatrical release of the smash hit.

The screening of the Greek film “Worlds Apart” (Enas Allos Kosmos) will take place at the Royal Theater on May 7th at 2pm. For more information on buying tickets look here.

“Worlds Apart” is Greek drama film directed by Christoforos Papakaliatis that consists of three separate narratives, each following a love story between a foreigner and a Greek. Each story represents a different generation falling in love during a time of socioeconomic turmoil that dominates Southern Europe as a whole, only to connect as a single story in the end. The film was the biggest Greek box office hit in the past ten years and the first Greek film in years to achieve successful theatrical distribution in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Academy Award winner JK Simmons stars in the film, as do a number of well-known Greek actors. Hollywood music composer Kostas Christides wrote the score for the award-wining film.

The screening was made possible by the foundation’s board member, Chris Papavasiliou, who also serves as a producer of the film.

Gregory Pappas, founder of the foundation will attend the screening and introduce the film, as well as share exciting plans for the launch of new activities to our Toronto-area supporters.



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