Crowdfunding Makes Greek Canadian Band’s Next Album a Reality

A Canadian band called Motion Device has managed to use a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money needed to fund its upcoming album. The band is composed of three Greek Canadian siblings, bass player Andrea, drummer David and 15-year-old vocalist Sara Menoudakis and their cousin guitarist Josh Marrocco.

The crowdfunding campaign brought in some $38,000 USD by the last week of the campaign, raising the original goal that the band set, $20,000 USD, in the first 3 days on the campaign. Via their donations, fans and supporters have made the dream of the band’s new album titled “Wide Awake” a reality.

There were incentives given to the band’s fans such as a $15.00 USD donation getting them an advanced digital download of their album one week prior to release and other more sizable donations were rewarded with VIP merchandise bundles and other specialty items such as autographed merchandise.


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