Good-Bye Passwords, Keys and Security Passes: Greek Invents Bracelet That Reads Pulse to Identify Users [video]

Dr fotiniWhile doing her PhD at the University of Toronto, Dr. Fotini Agrafioti researched the human heart beat and its unique properties that can be used as a biometric feature of individual’s identity. In other words, you can be identified by your pulse.

If this fact isn’t cool enough, just think about it — what if there was a device that used your heart beat like a finger print to identify you and made your life easier by, let’s say, letting you pay the bills, unlocking mobile phones, you car and all of that other stuff that requires the hundreds of passwords, keys and security passes that you can never keep straight? Well, thanks to Dr. Agrafioti, there is.

Just three years after the discovery of the heart beat providing biometric features of identity, Dr. Agrafioti created a bracelet called Nymi and the bracelet does all of the above and then some using nothing more than your pulse! Nymi uses what is called HeartID authentication technology, the biometric feature that Dr. Agrafioti helped discover.

It’s widely used in Canada and the USA these days by large companies in data security centers as the new “security pass” allowing individuals access to high security areas.

A pioneer in science and artificial intelligence, Dr. Agrafioti also lends herself to helping scientific Greek start-ups by linking them with foreign companies in North America and globally gearing them for the technological revolution.

Currently Dr. Agrafioti is the Chief Innovation Officer at Architech and founder of Architect Labs and prior to this was a founder of CTO at Nymi Inc. Check out how much easier your life could be with Nymi in the video below.


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