Ontario: New FYROM Provocation with Map Including Greek Land

df1The Parliament Vice President of Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia Antonio Milososki made a provocative appearance at a national celebration having in the background a map that includes several Greek territories reaching to Mount Olympus in central Greece.

The event was held in Ontario, Canada, in collaboration with the nationalist group ‘United Macedonians’ for the anniversary of FYROM’s Day of the Republic/St. Elijah’s feast day (August 2).

The map of “Grand Macedonia” which contains a lot of Greek land, along with the flag with the Vergina Sun, and pictures of Alexander the Great and his father Philip II generated a lot of negative comments in Greece. Especially at a time when the dispute over the name of the neighboring country has not been resolved yet. Milososki, who has previously been foreign affairs minister, represents the nationalistic wing of the Skopje government.

In the past few months, Milososki has made other similar provocations, such as  holding the red flag in his hands, thereby violating the Interim Agreement Athens and Skopje signed in 1995. According to that, the neighbors were bound to stop the use of the symbol of the Sun of Vergina. Last September Milososki and his friends climbed Mount Olympus and were photographed with the spurious flag.

So far there has been no official complaint by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Minister Nikos Kotzias.


  1. Everyone with half a brain knows (educated) that Alexander & his family are apart of Hellas history. They unified Greece, spread Greek Culture, prayed to Greek Gods, spoke & wrote Greek. You cannot change what was written in the past.. No matter how much you want to ride on other cultures coat-tales .. you will never change this..

  2. The northern Greek occupied region contains half of the ancestral territory of Macedonia.

  3. For a Nation/People that claim to have created/discovered the concept of democracy have not a clue as to how it works.

  4. Only anti-Macedonian comments or pro-Greek propaganda allowed.
    Cause we Greeks can handle it as well as we handle money.

  5. Yes, but aren’t all ancient Macedonians Greek and only some of the modern ones Yugislavs, in addition to Greek, Albanian, Bulgarian, Roma, Turkish?

  6. I thought modern Macedonians are made up of Greeks, Yugislavs, Albanians, Bulgarians, Turks, and Roma. I guess there must be a lot of extremists around…

  7. I thought the northern part belongs to the Yugislav Macedonians and the south to the Greek Macedonians. Also the ancestral lands are said to be only in Alexander’s lands which seem to be in the Greek part.

  8. who give a hoot about Alexander the sweet pea and his greatness?what have you done lately ,this pass greatness some hall is a reflection on you??Greek people can not pay their drugs they need.Greek banks lost %65 of its worth, you guys talking about some horseback hero. but everyone l talk to in USA think he was Macedonian

  9. Yes, but aren’t the ancient Macedonians Greek and only some of the modern ones Yugislav, Bulgarian, Albanian, Roma, Turkish, and the rest Greek?

  10. I’m sure there are a lot of extremists out there and on all sides. Just look at the photo above with this milosovoski guy and his guard of honour in the background. Says it all!!!

  11. Which Greeks and Macedonians do you mean? The modern Greek Macedonians and Yugislav Macedonians of skopje or the other southern Greek tribes against the Greek Macedonians?

  12. Alexander the great was greek exactly because he was Macedonian. Macedonians are greeks exactly like the Athenians or the Spartans are.

  13. Do you mean the northern portion of what is today inhabited by Yugislav people is occupied by Greeks? Because according to the historical accounts the ancestral lands of Alexander are where they have always been in the Greek area of Macedonia.

  14. Athenians, Spartans, Macedonians, everybody were fighting between them but they were all greeks.

  15. I don’t think I’ve seen any modern Yugislavs in skopje with blue eyes and blond hair, have you?

  16. Are you serius now? You see an article with a vice president showing a map were his country has taken over half of the territories of a neighboring country violating every known treaty and uses a symbol (vergina sun) that his country signed a deal not to use it again because it doesn’t belong to them and you are talking about greek extremism???

  17. Actually FYROM occupies the northern part of the ancestral territory of Macedonia. The greek people though respect the borders as they are today in the region and Greece is a source of stability and democracy in the Balcan peninsula.

  18. Over 95% of the the hundreds of grave names from Ancient Macedonia are Greek names with Greek stems and endings, ie Phillipos, Alexandros and names that are not found in other parts of Greece but with Greek stems and endings just the sam!!!. Asokha the Indian emperor “In the Gandhari original Antiochos is referred to as “Amtiyoko nama Yona-raja” (lit. “The Greek king by the name of Antiokos”), beyond whom live the four other kings: “param ca tena Atiyokena cature 4 rajani Turamaye nama Amtikini nama Maka nama Alikasudaro nama” (lit. “And beyond Antiochus, four kings by the name of Ptolemy, the name of Antigonos, the name of Magas, the name Alexander). Yona is Ionian as Greeks were known in Asia. So the Persian and Indians new the people of Macedon as Ionians!!!! No ..ovsky names back then.

  19. Menelaus red hair, Achilles Red gold hair, Xanthus (blond) a common name. Statues with blond coloured hair, hahahahhaha Davovsky you are a joker.

  20. Learn some history, Macedonians were known as Yona (Ionians) in Persia and India just like the Greeks are called Yunans (Ionian) presently. Fyromanians aren’t Macedonians there grandfathers were Bulgarian hence the language they speak with some Serbian admixture. FYROM is TITO’s baby

  21. Look Tito propaganda head hahaha- The Ptolemies fought against the Seleucids both Macedonians, both Greek no Slavic during those times.

    ” The Rosetta stone which is a granodiorite stele inscribed with a decree issued at Memphis, Egypt, in 196 BC on behalf of King Ptolemy V. The decree appears in three scripts: the upper text is Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the middle portion Demotic script, and the lowest Ancient Greek.” Makedonkeys think that the Demotic is in the Titovski language “brrr bbrrrr brrrr” but unfortunately for the the propaganda heads it is in Demotic Egyptian. Oh and by the way why was the language of Greek inscribed on the Stele, surely they would have inscribed in Titovskian if the Ptolemies spoke Titovsky.

  22. As a good Muslim you surely know that Iskander was a Yunan, surely you wouldn’t go against the Koran now would you???????

  23. Is that all you can come up with? Don’t confuse the present day & the past in how they lived their lives.. very different. Go to school & educate yourself.. perhaps you will see things more clearly.

  24. USA, is that the country that has 2.5 million people in prison and about 5 million people on parole not to mention over 1400 prisoners have been executed in less than 40 years. This was the country whose banking system virtually collapsed in 2008. A country whose debt is approximately 19 trillion dollars. Do you know how many zeros are in a trillion?! Does anyone really care what the USA thinks. USA should start thinking about their own problems before she is swallowed up by China.

  25. ??? Comments aren’t antimacedonian. They are pro-Macedonian. Not the fault of Greeks you former Yugoslavians confuse your Bulgarian ancestors with being Macedonian

  26. Alexander was indeed Macedonian, as Pericles was Athenian, as Leonidas was Spartan. ALL self-identifying Greeks.

  27. Nice evasion. The supporters of former Yugoslavians are involved in subtle attempt to ethnic cleanse Greeks.

  28. Spreading good neighborly relations by trying to ethnic cleanse Greeks. You are a regular saint.

  29. What if it was Kurds claims Mehmed II as one of their own rather than Turkish? What if it was Kurds using the claim to suggest 1/3 of Turkey belongs to them? Bet history would matter than to the Greek haters.

  30. To a Greek calling former Yugoslavians “Macedonians” it sort of like a Hungarian calling themselves “ethnic Bavarian” to a German. There are no “Macedonians” in Skopje any more than there are Bavarian in Hungary. They just manipulate the name to promote irredentism (as this article points out)

    Unfortunately the morons that supported them all unethically evade to hide their mistake of calling them “Macedonians”.

  31. The modern Turks of course are not real Turks. They are sundry local peoples that were forcefully assimilated into Turks during the Ottomans. Ergo- you won’t mind if Kurds take over a massive chunk of Turkey and take ownership of Turkish history. Turkish is just a name after all.

  32. Titostan are not Macedonians, Macedonians are Greeks and has been for over 4000 years, Titostan are Bulgarians and they speak Bulgarian.

  33. The idea that Macedon is “divided” is a myth perpetuated by the former Yugoslavians, and their supporters that bought into their BS, and some Greeks that also fall for it. Ancient Macedon is literally all in Greece. What the Skopians call Macedonia is actually Paeonia and Dardinia. The Romans may have also called their region Macedonia later but it wasn’t part of original Macedon (unless one considers ancient Greek conquest of half of Asia as Macedonia too)

  34. The former Yugoslavians are not “Macedonians”. They are mostly ethnic Bulgarians and to much lessor degree Serbs that hide their heritage and just rename everything “Macedonian”. (a game they have been playing with us for the last 100 years)

    I might have accepted them as Macedonians if they adopted Greek culture and became Greeks (what foreigners calls a conspiratorial “Hellenization” but it’s real just assimilation like their own countries do)… As it stand though their extreme anti-hellenism effectively makes them anti-macedonian. (much like the foreign bigots that ridiculously call ancient Paeonia Republic of Macedonia)

  35. The exact boundaries between the two areas is hard to be found but the point is that Paeonians were also Hellenic so in ancient times that was also greek territory.

  36. The Paeonian were Greek-ish but you make a good point that even they weren’t slavs. The Slavs were nowhere near the region at the time of Alexander. Now they claim to be founders of the Hellenistic period and their Greek hating supporters virtually all unethically try to downplay it to hide their shame of calling them “Macedonians”.

    Unfortunately most Greeks are cowards. They can only complain about tiny Skopians. They lack the courage to criticize the massive numbers of evasive foreign bigots (including ‘Human rights” NGOs) that continue to ridiculously call them “ethnic” Macedonian in the face of overwhelming evidence of state sponsored irredentism (as Greeks warned would happen)


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