Greek-Canadians Feel Optimistic After ‘No’ Vote

greece-referendum-no-vote-bailoutGreek-Canadian community members watched the referendum results on television, hoping that the Greek people’s celebrations will not turn into a living nightmare. They believe that Greece should stay in the Eurozone because that would not only benefit the country, but also the global markets.

The community members have access to Greek television channels and are well-informed about the current situation.

Despite the dire news they receive on a daily basis, with Greek banks being closed and capital controls imposed, they have kept their optimism.

They still believe that even though the tourism industry -the most important industry in Greece- will almost certainly receive a grave hit, everything is going to be alright. “I think everything is going to be good. Greeks are survivors. I don’t think the Greeks are going to buckle,” said Mike Margaritis, a Greek-Canadian community member.


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