Greek-Canadian Leo Housakos Appointed as Senate Speaker

Greek-Canadian Senator Leo Housakos, was elected as Speaker for the Canadian Senate, replacing Pierre Claude Nolin, who passed away last month.

Leo Housakos, 47, who has already served as vice president of the Senate, was elected interim president last December, when his predecessor fell heavy ill.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that the appointment of Leo Housakos as Senate Speaker had the support of both the government and the opposition.

The Prime Minister also noted that Housakos’ experience in working with the various Senate committees, as well as his experience in replacing his predecessor, provide him with the necessary qualifications for the office of presidency.

Leo Housakos is considered to hold progressive in opinions and positions regarding the role and operation of the Senate, suggesting greater responsibility and account for the acts and actions of the senators. During an interview with Canada’s The Star he noted that he wants to be remembered for making the scandal-plagued institution as transparent and accountable as possible.

The Greek-Canadian politician co-founded the Hellenic Board of Trade in 1993, an organization dedicated to the development of business opportunities and networking in the Greater Montreal Area. Furthermore, his political experience also includes the presidency of the fundraising commission of the Action Démocratique du Québec. In 2007, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of Via Rail and served for a year.


  1. Better so than the huge deficiency of gray matter which your submission indicates… Regards

  2. Harper is virulently anti-Greek. He supports Skopjans — who are literally trying to delete Greeks. The only reason Harper supports any Greek is a front to hide his prejudices behind (see I get along with Greeks. I’m not trying to ethnically cleanse them to hide my mistake of calling Skopje “Macedonia”)

    This is the same technique any foreigner that calls Skidpans “Macedonia” uses. The Guardian, NYT, and other “news” sources that supported Skopje for years have manipulatively only selected leftist “Greeks” that call Skopje “Macedonia” to report on the issue. Given the vast majority do not, it’s obviously a conscious decision by their unethical editorial boards but unfortunately our leftists are too dumb to understand this. They think the leftists on the NYT and Guardian adore Greeks… meanwhile both are trying to subtlety exterminate Greeks…. along with the “human rights” NGOs. (who all play dumb over blatantly obvious irredentism)


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