Greek Authorities to Extradite Wanted Criminal to Canada

Robby-AlkhalilGreek authorities announced on Friday, that they are to extradite a wanted criminal to Canada in order for him to stand trial on charges of being involved in counterfeiting Canadian passports and quarterbacking cocaine drug deals.

Robby Alkhalil, who is also wanted in Italy in connection with at least two murder cases, was linked along with his brother to a Canadian police investigation into a racket producing fake Canadian passports for underworld figures. The Canadian authorities, who believe that the two brothers are also major players in drug trades, requested from Greece to extradite the wanted criminal, so as to answer to the criminal charges brought against him.

Meanwhile, reports by Canadian media suggested that the investigated racket produced some 66 passports a year, which were sold to people linked to criminal activities for between 5,000 and 20,000 Canadian dollars.

Alkhalil was arrested in Greece earlier this year after being found in possession of a fake passport.


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