Greek Cleaning Lady Wins $50M in Lotto Max


Forty-four years ago Sophie Rizava migrated from Greece to Canada in search of a better life. What she did not know was that luck would strike her much later in the form of a lottery ticket.

The Greek grandmother who is working as a cleaning lady in a hospital, received the best phone call of her life when she was notified that she won 50 million dollars in the last lottery draw. Sophie Rizava was thrilled and told reporters that she would like to use the profits to help others.

Although she won a large amount of money, the lucky woman said that she is not planning on changing her priorities in life, which are her daughters and two grandchildren.

“I like the way I live. I love my house, my car, I do not want to change anything because I’m happy,” said Mrs. Rizava who also revealed that it took time to convince her husband that she wasn’t kidding when she announced that she had won the lottery.

Rizavas immigrated to Canada with her husband in 1970 — exactly 44 years to the day before she won the lottery.

The lucky lady grew up in Athens, the only daughter to a father who worked in construction and a dressmaker mother.