Director Asimakopoulos Shoots Film on Neighborhood of Greek Immigrants

Tony-Asimakopoulos-director-Greek-CanadianGreek-Canadian Montreal based director Tony Asimakopoulos decided to go the route of the ever-growing popular method of crowdfunding, so as to fund his most recent documentary project entitled “A Walk in Park Ex.”

The latest project by director Asimakopoulos, who is renowned for his sold-out documentary “Fortunate Son,” features the neighborhood Park Extension, the place where he was born to Greek immigrant parents and the place he moved back to after buying a house.

“I feel Park Ex is on the cusp of major change and I want to take a cinematic snapshot of this point in time. I’m making this film because I know that if I don’t, one day, I will wish I had,” said Asimakopoulos on his decision to shoot a film for this historic neighborhood, which has become the landing place for many immigrants coming from Greece.

The 25-minute production will explore the colorful, multicultural neighborhood for seven days, culminating in the Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations, with its nighttime processions illuminated by the light of thousands of flickering candles.

Now, the Greek Canadian filmmaker will be able to commence with his project, as he has managed to gather as much as $18,000, surpassing by far the $12,000 goal and proving the love residents of Montreal have for the neighborhood.

“I am humbled and overwhelmed by the response,” Asimakopoulos said.

When asked where that money came from, Asimakopoulos said, “It’s a mix of friends and strangers, pretty much right down the middle I think. A number of people, who once lived here but are now in the USA or back in Greece, and still feel connected to Park Ex, contributed.”

If you want to support art and history, you can contribute here. The campaign ends at 11:59 pm PDT on Monday, April 7, 2014.


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