Greek Community of Toronto Celebrates Greek National Independence Day


A parade celebrating Greek National Independence Day will take to the streets Sunday, March 23, at noon starting at Eastern High School.

The event will be held during the weekend. In addition to the parade, a gala is to take place commemorating the beginning of the Greek War of Independence.

People of all ages will be participating in the event, dressed in traditional Greek costumes. Those involved in the parade will gather at Eastern High School — situated at 16 Phin Avenue, intersection of Donlands and Danforth avenue — where the parade will commence. From there, the parade will head for Danforth and end at Broadview Avenue.

“After several years of being under the tyranny of the Ottoman Empire,” said Nikona Georgakopoulos, vice president and treasurer of the Greek Community of Toronto. “In 1821, The Greeks said they had enough and decided to unite and fight for their freedom.”

The Greek Community of Toronto has yet another reason to celebrate as it is the 105th anniversary since the city was founded back in 1909. Over the past century, the Greek Community of Toronto has collaborated with many schools, individuals and businesses.


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