Greek Heritage Month for Schools in Toronto

toronto greek monthIt was decided that March would be a month full of events dedicated to Greek heritage. The decision to name March the “Greek Heritage Month” was made by the Toronto District School Board, following the suggestion of local bodies.

The suggestion made by Trustee, Sam Sotiropoulos, was unanimously approved from all the members of the Toronto District School Board.

The president of the Greek Community, Antonis Artemakis, the Education Advisor for the Greek Consulate, Debbie Hatzidiakos, the head of the Community’s Education Department, Anastasia Ganogiannis and other official representatives were present during the decision.


  1. For the sake of accurate reporting, it is “Greek Heritage Month” that was instituted and NOT “Greek Culture Month” and I am “Trustee Sam Sotiropoulos”, NOT “Commisioner”. I hope that is clear.

  2. Your effort is great but what’s troubling is the Canadian government not only riduclously references the former Yugoslavians as “Macedonians” but pretends not to notice the Skopians attempts to usurp our very identity and irredentism.


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