A Rare Medal of the 1906 Intercalated Olympic Games

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The 65 year-old Canadian, Vicky Fitzgerald from New Scotland possesses a rare medal from the Intercalated Olympics that took place in Greece’s capital in 1906. Mrs. Fitzgerald’s medal seems to be one of the remaining medals from 1896 on which the date from 1906 was engraved. More specifically, on the back of the coin it is written: “Diethnis Olympiaki Agones Athinisi 1906” (International Olympic Games, Athens 1906).

Mrs. Fitzgerald has been in the spotlight these days since she revealed that she has the rare medal with the Greek script in her possession during the occasion of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

She confided to the media that she had found it in the pocket of the trousers that her aunt Lillian had sent to her from Massachusetts, when she was 7 just years old.

For 58 years, Vicky Fitzgerald kept the medal at her house thinking that it was an ancient Greek coin. However, she had in mind that the coin might have been related to the Olympic Games because of the Greek script.

The American Olympic Committee, which ascertained the medal’s identity, is asking Mrs Fitzgerald to donate the medal to the Committee’s collection.

Mrs Fitzgerald has not revealed what she will do with the medal. Nonetheless, she claimed to be happy that she finally knows what the medal represents.


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