150 years of Greek Presence in Canada (Video)


The Greek community of Toronto celebrated 105 years since its founding and 150 years since the first Greek immigrant arrived in Toronto, by putting on two theatrical plays featuring the groups “Nefeli” and “Ellinakia” (Little Greeks).

The first play was based on the children’s book “Paul and Lara Travel” written by Greek Justine Frangouli-Argyri and directed by Nancy Athan-Milonas. The stage adaptation belongs to Mary Kordoni.

The children successfully conveyed the play’s message to the audience which was about saving the planet from global warming. The story was about a family of polar bears traveling from Canada to Greece to figure out whether they could survive after the icebergs had melted.

The second play was an adaptation of “Lysistrata” by the ancient comedian Aristophanes. The stage was filled with high school students whose performances were full of passion. The high school girls were incarnating the roles of Athenian women who were trying to put an end to the war through their abstention from conjugal duties.

The president of the Greek community, Andonis Artemakis, invited the wider Greek community in Canada to support the innovative theatrical  group “Nefeli” of the Greek diaspora.



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