Record of Canadian Tourist Arrivals in Greece

Santorini sunsetAccording to recent data published by the Bank of Greece regarding non-residents arrivals from abroad, it appears that the country is a very popular destination among Canadians.

The data shows that in the period January-September 2013, arrivals from Canada to Greece rose by 88.1%  compared with the first nine months of 2012, which creates optimism and raises expectations for the forthcoming year.

The Ambassador of Greece to Canada, Eleftherios Angelopoulos, noted that this increase of tourist arrivals proves that Greece is a popular destination among Canadian citizens.

It is noted that the increase of arrivals of Canadian tourists  is comparable to that of American tourists (76,573 more visitors from Canada in 2013 and 78,173 more visitors from the U.S. for the same period) despite the fact that Canada’s population is approximately one eighth of the U.S. population.

According to the same survey, the total number of tourist arrivals increased by 15.2%. In regards to the distribution of arrivals by country of origin, the largest number of arrivals came from Germany (12.2%), the United Kingdom (10.2%), Russia (7.8%), France (6.7%), and Italy (5.7%).


  1. I would guess that most tourists from Canada are of Greek origin considering the huge population of Greeks there…any stats on this (I’m guessing very difficult to determine)?

  2. Last couple of flights I took I thought had more Canadians of non-Hellenic origin,i.e. Anglo-Saxon, Italian, Irish, French, Chinese etc. than those of Hellenic Origin. I noticed this when the discount air liner from Canada called ‘Air Transit’ started offering cheap flights.

    IIRC there are 220,000 full Greeks and 450 000 people of part Greek ancestry in Canada. The Majority in Toronto and Montreal.


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