Greece’s Olympic Gift to Vancouver Awaits Placement


The Vancouver Olympics may have ended four years ago, but the gift from Greece, the birthplace of the Games, has yet to be set in its final place.

Every city that hosts the Olympic Games receives the gift of a bronze sculpture from the Greek city of Olympia.

When London took this special gift from Greece during the 2012 Olympics, the English authorities installed it even before the Paralympics began.  However Vancouver, after four years has still not found a place for the bronze statue.

City Councilor, Geoff Meggs says that finding a place to put this special gift was much harder than he had initially thought.

A place for the statue was finally chosen some months back and it is set to be placed on the corner of Cordova and Thurlow.

The statue itself has been sitting in storage somewhere since 2010 due to a series of technical issues that led to this delay, explains Vancouver’s Councilor.

The Greek statue was made with solid bronze material and stands at four meters high.

Ilias Kremmydas, the Greek Consulate General in Vancouver, says that the Greek statue is really beautiful and so is the location where it has been placed. However, he wonders why this process has been stalled for so long.

“For us, the sooner it happens, the better,” says Kremmydas. “I was told the original idea was to have it unveiled during the Vancouver Olympics.”

Initially, it was announced that the sculpture would be installed at the end of this month. Even the sculptor had plane tickets booked, but the unveiling date has once again been delayed, most likely for late spring.