Metropolitan Sotirios in Canada Asks for More Greek Day Schools

metropolitan Sotirios

The importance of Greek Orthodox culture is as a lever to support Greece’s Orthodox identity in the multicultural reality of Canada, noted the metropolitan Sotirios of Canada on the occasion of the Greek Letters Day and the Feast of the Three Holy Hierarchs. At the same time, his Eminence, metropolitan Sotirios asked from the Greek communities of Canada to establish more Greek day schools in the provinces of the country.

“Once again this year, we will celebrate the feast day of the Three Hierarchs and the week of Greek education. This will be done with celebrations, poems, recitations and dances. However, the best way to celebrate Greek Education would be to organize even one more Greek Orthodox Day School in 2014. While I fully support the Greek Orthodox afternoon and Saturday schools, the ideal solution would be the establishment of Greek Orthodox day schools across Canada. In these schools, students would be taught the basic curriculum of any other school, along with the essentials of our Greek Orthodox faith, the Greek language and our Greek culture and civilization,” said the Metropolitan Archbishop.

“I thank our communities who support our Greek Orthodox schools, be they day schools, afternoon or Saturday schools. I thank all the dedicated and mindful teachers. I thank all the parents and the volunteers who help at our Greek Orthodox schools. I thank God that I am not the only one who cries out in support for Greek Orthodox education. I hope that everyone comes to understand that Greek Orthodox education is the life-preserver of our communities and the Omogenia, and that they will help in this cause with all their hearts. For this, I urge each and every one of you to assist in this important cause with every means at your disposal, pouring your heart and soul into it as the saying goes, ‘Because I put my heart and soul into this cause, this is why it has succeeded,’” said Metropolitan Sotirios.



  1. The Good Metropolitan hAs honed his skills , his platitudes are inevitably well received especially by the fast aging Greek communities in Canada. This constituency mostly supports him and why not. No real “scandal” has smuggled his reputation. He has done very well “financially” – well known fact and is widely admired for his efficiency. Besides championing the Greek Orthodox day schools, could one suggest, ever respectfully the same treatment for good quality
    Greek Orthodox chronic care institutions. His organization can certainly afford this
    And further his name will be enshrined in gold. Surely the pearly gates of heaven shall remain wide open for him. Surely.

  2. Just for clarity sake, the suggestion is that he funds completely these much needed institutions.

  3. Greek schools?? that is a laugh
    90% of our Greek boys DO NOT MARRY Greek girls they marry xenes. We are loosing the 2nd and 3rd generation. the only ones left in the church are the yiayias. In order to attract the young we need to have sports and other activities. Has anyone gone to an AHEPA meeting lately?? only 80 year old men there. What about Daughters of Penelope?? only 80 year old women there. The Greek church has not modernized and they have lost members. Our priest here can hardly speak English so of course the liturgy is in Greek. Both my boys have married non-Greek and when they went to church with their wives it was a disaster.
    Yep that ought bring them in Greek language on the young. The only ones that want Greek language are the horiati new immigrants. It is the new immigrant horiati that has kept the Greek Orthodox Church from growing in the Americas

  4. Greek culture and civilization? These so-called greek schools ridicule atheists, polytheists Greeks, and homosexuals, which were all accepted by the ancient Greeks. It’s analogous to the Victorian image of ancient Greece as white marbles and statues yet in reality ancient Greece was very colourful then we can imagine.

  5. I think that this effort is a worthwhile one and applaud the Metropolitan for his leadership in providing the option for Greek and/or Orthodox families to have their children raised in the faith, culture, language and rich heritage which is theirs.
    Every cultural group in our multicultural society has worked to do the same and in a modern secular society not knowing one’s identity is the path to losing our heritage.
    A large number of the families of Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School (Toronto) are from bi-cultural marriages and this is not an issue for anybody and in fact strengthens the community.
    I agree that sometimes the older members of the community who have sacrificed and worked very hard for all of us are reluctant to allow younger members of the community to take on larger roles but this will inevitably happen over time and those willing can then step in and continue what the elders have started.


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