Diplomat & International Canada Magazine Article about Greece

greeceThe magazine, Diplomat & International Canada, which caters for the Canadian diplomatic and political community, published a three page article about Greece, written by the ambassador of Greece in Canada, Eleftherios Aggelopoulos. Entitled, “Greece: Culture History and Unrivaled Beauty,” the article presents the country in a very positive light.

The ambassador highlights that 2013 has been an extremely positive year for Greek tourism, particularity among Canadians. He also noted that Greece with its temperate climate is a country which can be visited in all seasons, with October 2013 arrivals up by 22%. Furthermore, from May to August 2013 the number of Canadian arrivals at “Eleftherios Venizelos” International Airport north of Athens rose by 45%.

The extensive three page article was accompanied by photographs showing particularly attractive parts of Greece. Furthermore, it presents an overview of the Greek capital and cultural heritage of the country by focusing on key locations, as well as highlighting the diversity of the islands and mainland.

The Diplomat & International Canada is an important source of information for Canada’s international community. It was established in 1989 and contains information about forthcoming events and diplomatic arrivals. Each issue has articles by leading writers, with comment and analysis of Canadian foreign policy and international affairs.


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