Greek Researcher in Canada Creates New Invisibility Cloak

invisible-cloakNew invisibility cloaks that make objects disappear at various frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, are continuously coming to light. The new achievement is the creation of Greek researcher, George Eleftheriades, professor at the University of Toronto.  Eleftheriades designed and implemented a new type of thin electromagnetic cloak, which can be adapted in order to make objects of different types and sizes “disappear” in the field of radio waves.

Eleftheriades’ research group uses a new method of invisibility. Specifically, they surround an object with small antennas, which emit an electromagnetic field, neutralizing the waves reflected from the object, making it invisible.

The researchers conducted the experiment with a metal cylinder, making it disappear from the radio waves. As Eleftheriades said, this technology can be used on a larger scale, making larger objects invisible, using more antennas.

Invisibility cloaks, beyond their obvious military uses, could have further practical applications. They could be used for objects that intervene and interrupt the transmission of signals from the mobile telecommunication stations.

George Eleftheriades is considered as a pioneer and an expert in the field of metamaterials. He has been honored with several awards for his work, and in 2009 he became a fellow of the Royal Society of Sciences Canada.


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