Greece Wins The Battle Of Feta

fetaThe new trade pact between the European Union and Canada predicts that the use of the term “feta” from Canadian industries is allowed when it is accompanied by the following phrases: feta cheese type, style of feta, feta imitation. It is obligatory to include the product’s origin.

A few weeks ago, Maria Damanaki, member of the European Commission, demanded to examine this issue when it came time to approve the contract between E.U and Canada. The initial text gave the Canadian industries the opportunity to use the name “feta” for these types of cheese. The Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, has also talked about this important issue with Jose Barroso, the President of the European Commission, in their recent meeting.

The terms of the agreement was negotiated between President Jose Barroso and Canadian Prime Minister Harper. The President achieved a very good trade deal for Greece and Europe.

The two sides agreed as follows:

The use of the word feta is imposed as “established rights”. The use of the word must be accompanied by the phrase type of feta, feta cheese style, and the legible reference of the product’s origin is also required on the label. These terms are also in effect for other European cheeses like Asiago cheese, fontina, gorgontzola and munster.

The negotiations were tough but the result is a good sign for upcoming negotiations with USA and Asia.


  1. According to Terry Mileski on the CBC today they said this is not full free trade with cheese but a doubling of quota. It was also a large number of French cheese makers involved since they wanted protections for specialty cheeses like Camembert. This was part of a bigger trade deal not just cheeses. They also covered other aspects of the trade agreement such as a quota of 100K cars from Canada to EU with Germany holding on to some protectionism for German cars.

  2. Greeks would like to change everyone’s name. Tomorrow you will not be able to say feta without paying royalty to the first Greek you see on the street. Such nice people.

  3. Maybe you skops should invent something that you could protect instead of stealing culture from other countries.????

  4. Sure, meanwhile its EU countries pushing Protected Designation of Origin, so you know, others don’t copy and flood the market with cheap inferior imitations. Like bovine milk and artificial flavoring in your fake feta maybe?

  5. Of course look at the economic meas greece is in. Yet pretty much every western country has or is using theor culture one way or the other. Its about time they get some royalty checks. Greece should have done this a lot sooner maybe then we would all be millionaires


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