Bon Jovi Tour: Greek-Canadian Phil X to Replace Richie Sambora

Phil X Xenidis is the new Bon Jovi Guitarist

While rumor has it that Richie Sambora might be fired from Bon Jovi after 30 years, Greek-Canadian guitarist Phil X (Phil Xenidis) takes his place on the 2013 Bon Jovi world tour.

In 2011 Xenidis performed with the world famous band for 13 shows while Sambora was in rehab. Then Sambora came back to his position as Bon Jovi’s guitarist. However, this time we may see Phil X to replace Sambora permanently according to sources.

On Aug. 21, reported Sambora was fired from the tour. “Sources close to the band tell us it’s all about money,” says the website.

In early April, TMZ reported Sambora and Bon Jovi were “fighting over money.”

At the group’s April 2 concert in Calgary, singer Jon Bon Jovi told the crowd Sambora “won’t be performing for awhile.” A message on the band’s official website explained Sambora had left the tour “due to personal issues.”

Us Weekly reported on Aug. 23 Sambora “parted ways” with Bon Jovi and quoted a source as saying: “There were a lot of well-documented problems, so this was the best decision for now.”

Phil Xenidis, or Phil X as he is known in the music world, was born in 1966 in Toronto. In 1982 he formed the hard rock/heavy metal band Sidinex (naming it after himself, the moniker being his last name spelled backwards) with singer Todd Farhood, bassist Kevin Gingrinch and drummer Scott Masterson. The band released only one EP in 1985, Forever Young, before changing name to Flip City in 1987 and disbanding soon after.

An opportunity in Xenidis’s career came when he was asked in 1990 to tour with Randy Coven, whom he met through Aldo Nova; in 1991, he toured the US with Aldo Nova. From 1992 to 1993 he played with Triumph, recording Edge of Excess and touring with them.

Phil X is a prolific session guitarist, having played on albums by Tommy Lee, Methods of Mayhem, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Orianthi, Rob Zombie, Chris Daughtry, Alice Cooper, Thousand Foot Krutch and many others. He wrote the song “Tired” and also played guitar on Tommy Lee’s Tommyland: The Ride album.

Phil X declares himself a proud Greek and he is often seen playing the bouzouki. “Manolis Hiotis was a HUGE inspiration when i was growing up,” he states in one of his videos.

Watch Phil X playing the bouzouki:


Sambora, 54, has been in Bon Jovi since its formation in 1983 and co-wrote most of the band’s songs with Jon Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi is scheduled to perform Oct. 2 in Vancouver, Nov. 1 in Toronto and Nov. 8 in Montreal. The band’s Because We Can tour ends Dec. 17 in Australia.

Watch a tribute to Phil X after playing with Bon Jovi in 2011:


For more on Phil X visit his website or follow him on twitter.


  1. Richie Sambora didn’t show up at the Calgary concert due to personal issues. If anybody fired him, it was himself.

  2. no richie no bon jovi-the chemistry is not there and the band is dead–phil’s solo’s in the bon jovi songs are a joke! no richie means no more good music–

  3. No Richie Sambora…then that means theres NO Bon Jovi…if it if money issues then pay the man what he wants…for fuck sakes hes a FUCKN GUITAR GOD!!!! Keep rockn Richie!!!!!

  4. Both of them need to get over it…with what we pay for tickets and merch….they can retire. They are “brothers” first and think what it is doing to the fans who made them rich! Grow up you both have ennouch moniess

  5. I’ve seen the shows in Munich and Berlin.And I must say,It’s not the same without Richie…

  6. Obviously people are going to keep paying to see Jon without Richie… I did, and I’ll do it again!

  7. saw them in berlin this year, not the same without richie, the magic is missing! no richie,no bon jovi ! jon bon jovi take note, THE BAND AINT THE SAME! phil x maybe a good guitarist but doesn’t have the charisma or voice of richie !!

  8. Yes I agree there is no Bon Jovi without Richie. He is irreplaceable and it is a shame that there exists harsh feelings between Jon and Richie. After 30 years you would think they could work things out. I would hope Jon would try to think how this whole issue would affect the fans. I don’t think he realizes much less cares. Too bad.


  10. I Still think there fab. Saw them at Slane Castle in Ireland and was that impressed I am travelling all the way to Las Vegas to see them again! I love Ritchie to and If I got word they were back together I would be delighted. I think the Band are coping very well without him all things considered! I still love you all

  11. I think jon wants to replace Richie for Phil, but he can’t because it will cost a lot of money. In legal issues, Sambora has all the right to fight and win. So I think it’s about money after all.

  12. Honestly I think it’s for the best that Richie left he wanted to come back but how would that be fair to Phil you can’t just fire someone because somebody wants to come back midway into tour for 1 show only plus that 1 show was Phil’s home town I think there better with out him


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