Greek Produces Eros Ice Apple Wine in Canada

ell paragogsManolis Maniadakis from the island of Crete in Greece, who lives in Quebec, decided some years ago to invest in organic cultivation of apples.

Since 2002, Maniadakis apples are officially stamped by the Agricultural Service of Quebec, which shows that they are absolutely organic.

Maniadakis apples are sold at all organic super markets and fruit markets of Quebec. The Cretan did not stop at cultivating apples, but took a step forward to prove that he can even produce organic cider (wine made of apples).

After the apple trees, he continued with the production of ice wine from apples, as the weather in Quebec favors this kind of wine/cider. This iced cider is a popular sweet wine and is served as an aperitif.

Maniadakis chose a thin bottle with a long neck to put his ice wine made of organically cultivated apples. He put an elegant label on it and gave it the name EROS, the Ancient Greek god of love.

He chose this name because, “I live, breathe, move reading Greek mythology, this is the adjacent passion of my life. I found that an aphrodisiac wine with no chemical preservatives will be named according to the name given by Greek mythology,” Maniadakis explained.

Maniadakis has been won various prizes for his excellent ice wine. He exports to France, Switzerland and the USA. He is trying to put his product on the shelves of liquor monopoly stores in Quebec.

His dream is to return to Greece and introduce his fine wine to Greeks in his homeland. He wants to travel to Crete, under the sunlight, swim in the Greek sea, brandishing his Eros bottle to his compatriots.


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