Tri-ing 4 Humanity to Raise Funds for Greek School in Toronto

Tri-ing for Humanity founder, Terry Lampropoulos

Tri-ing 4 Humanity (T4H), a local nonprofit organization in Toronto, Canada is launching a fundraising campaign for St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Greek School starting in June 2013.

Tri-ing 4 Humanity is a simple group whose focus is to support as many charities as possible whilst participating in various athletic event, tournaments and races. The Tri-ing 4 Humanity team is led by Theodore Lampropoulos and several other athletes participating in 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathons and triathlons.

“Our team is made up entirely of volunteers who want to bring positive change in their communities.  The athletic goals of each member vary but the idea is very much the same – complete a triathlon or some sort of endurance event, says Lampropoulos.

“My sister, Eleni Lampropoulos, and my cousin, Chris Bargis, want to participate and complete a triathlon in 2013.  However, my friend Julie Lafazanidis, who just joined the team, only wants to complete a half-marathon in 2013.  As you can see, our goals are all different but we support each other and, in turn, support the charities and organization we identify as pillars to our community.”

The organization selected the St. Nicholas Greek School to improve its language and cultural program. The St. Nicholas Greek School is a Toronto language and cultural school with approximately 120 students and 10 staff members. The program runs from September to June every Saturday from 9am-1pm at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. To improve the programs text books, facilities and keep fees low for young families, Tri-ing For Humanity will be participating in various athletic events in the Greater Toronto Area in hopes to fundraise for St. Nicholas Greek School.

“In 2011 I wanted to finish a triathlon.  The minute I crossed that finish line I was addicted and wanted to continue with this sport.  My current goal is to race internationally (representing Greece) in a triathlon, adds Lampropoulos.”

He launched this group in 2012 to initially fundraise for the SickKids Foundation. In 2013, the Terry Fox Foundation as well as St. Nicholas Greek School were selected as charities to support. To make a donation to St Nicholas Greek School please visit and tax receipts will be issued.


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