Niki Ashton Opposes ERT’s Shutdown

Niki AshtonThe New Democratic Member of Parliament for the electoral district of Churchill in Manitoba, Canadian-Greek, Niki Ashton,  has expressed her opposition to the decision of the Greek government and its leader, Antonis Samaras, as a member of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in Canada.

Ashton is promoting a list of signatures by the U.S. based, left-wing activists Avaaz to resist Samaras’ decision to save money by shutting down the national broadcaster ERT.

She posted on her Twitter account, “Imagine losing the CBC,” “A public broadcaster is key to democracy.”

Ashton also encouraged her friends on Twitter to sign the Avaaz petition to “stop the shutdown of public television in Greece.”

Samaras’ government committed to introducing a new channel similar to ERT, though his decision triggered a strong wave of reactions by journalists, trade unions and left-leaning alliance partners.

Samaras presented his decision as a recourse plan, based on the fact that Greek people pay a special tax which is included in the electricity bills to give great amounts to ERT every year, which pays the salaries of 2,600 people.


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