Manitoba Region Seeks Specialized Greek Employees

greece-canadaManitoba is the first region in Canada seeking young migrants from South Europe, which is suffering from unemployment. Temporary and permanent employees from the labor market of Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain are those wanted to work in Manitoba.

This policy is part of the provincial project and this specific recruitment unit is going to make contacts with the communities of Greeks, Italians, Spanish and Portuguese, as reported in the governmental announcement.

The Manitoba Region is seeking 21 to 45-year-old individuals, specialized in industry, businesses, services, commerce and other specializations. About 250,000 employees are expected to be recruited by 2020 in Manitoba.

As far as Greece is concerned, the mission of young workers/migrants’ recruitment will be held in Athens on June 8-12, where Manitoba’s work recruitment group will conduct interviews with those interested to get a work permit in Canada.

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