Greek Activists Protest Against Eldorado Gold in Vancouver

imagesActivists from Greece traveled more than 7,500 kilometers to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to protest in front of the Eldorado Gold Corporation’s headquarters. The Greek mine opponents read a letter addressed to the company’s president presenting the social and environmental threats of the Canadian company’s gold mining project in the region of the Halkidiki peninsula, in northern Greece. Eldorado Gold is a Vancouver, British Columbia based company involved in the mining, exploration and development of gold properties in China, Brazil, Greece, Romania and Turkey.

Eldorado Gold is planning to build open-pit and underground gold mines on Mount Kakavos near the town of Ierissos which, according to Maria Kadoglou, Greek activist at the Hellenic Mining Watch and resident of Halkidiki, will pollute the small amount of water the residents have for drinking and for agriculture. The mining activities will also largely decrease tourism in the region, which is one of the basic sources of revenues for residents.

The Greek activists also visited Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa in the previous days to raise public awareness among Canadians about the impacts of the mining activities in Halkidiki.





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