Meimarakis Calls Greek-Canadians to Invest in Greece.

Meimarakis_Canada (1)Vangelis Meimarakis, President of the Hellenic Parliament completed his official visit to Canada with his visit to the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal where he held meetings with state officials of Canada’s federal government, as well as with the  provincial governments of Quebec and Ontario.

In his speech at the Greek Community open meeting, Meimarakis invited Greek-Canadians to invest in Greece while  bringing the optimistic message that, “Soon enough we will leave the crisis behind and we will turn it into a chance of rebuilding a new, competitive and extrovert economy.”

The President of the Greek Parliament also noted that the climate has changed in favor of Greece and that a number of investment movements give a vote of confidence to Greece.

Meimarakis praised the role of the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal as well as the daily primary schools Socrates Primary School and Demosthène School, as they offer a trilingual program (French, Greek, English) to children in kindergarten and elementary school that have a successful presence in the Canadian society and the society of Quebec.

Meimarakis underlined that Greece, despite the crisis, supports Greek speaking education in Montreal having sent a sufficient number of teachers from the Ministry of Education.

The Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament was welcomed with enthusiasm by Greek-Canadians of Montreal at the Greek Community Center. The Greek Ambassador to Canada, Eleftherios Aggelopoulos, was present, as well as the Greek Consul General in Montreal, Thanos Kafopoulos, the president of the Community Nikos Pagonis and many more members of the Greek-Canadian community of Montreal.


  1. Greek-Canadians, don’t invest in Greece…Keep your money safe where they are, the country is still in a bad shape and its economy is still straggling with no lights at the end of the tunnel…Let the tax evaders and the looters pay for the debts caused by our corrupt politicians…You have been warned…

  2. As a Canadian Greek living currently in Greece…DO NOT INVEST!!!

    Corruption is hidden now but still QUITE STRONG…and it’s everywhere! From the banks short changing you when exchanging currency, to people not declaring things in full (business and individuals alike) …Do NOT be fooled!

    You have worked hard for your money…and believe me when I say….most here have $ but it hidden away…I have experienced “Brother/sister/family” steal the hard labour ($) of foreign “brother’s/sister’s/family’s” hard work and money.

    Greeks here are just having growing pains from turning from corruption to lawfulness. They don’t know how to handle it. They complain about “new” measures of life that Greeks living outside of Greece have been doing for most of your lives.

    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Remember I personally have nothing to gain by telling you this, but you may have your life savings!

    God Bless

  3. For Greeks looking to return to Greece and invest once you are here…it is a great opportunity to buy BUT I would suggest that you keep your funds in Canadian $ until the economy stabilizes, TRY and do what you can ALL BY YOURSELF (monitor contractors, watch and be aware, and do not be afraid to ask, ask, ask…greeks trying to swindle you have little patience). It is no different than living in Canada! Don’t let people here fool you..the key are keeping calm, be patient, and have polite assertiveness when necessary.If lip is given, remind them that is no way to speak to someone…DO NOT BECOME this way or you will find difficulties. It is okay to say you are “new” even if you have been born here…tell them you have recently returned for good. For example, I found those in the Tax office helpful…(and many others at other institutions, such as IKA) when approaching them in the above manner. Those that are true…will show you. Learn and become informed before doing anything drastic.

    DO NOT FORGET to use KEP (this is like Service Canada, they make life easier and they are there to help). These offices are everywhere.

  4. Meirmerakis is also wanted for Financial Fraud in Greece and now he’s telling Canadians if they pay him more bribes he will get them bogus deals in Greece that will be recinded when new elections come in October.
    I hope you all also know there is “NO FREE PRESS” anymore in Greece after PASOK & ND took power again, don’t you? It is a total disgrace what is going on here now with the bribed, paid off Greek News Media….
    A “million man” march is growing on the internet and will marching on our Greek Parliament Vouli on 1st October — to “bring down” this “House” of thieves, liars and Criminal Politicans destroying our land, and they will be taken out into the streets by the Greek People and jailed, given the “just due” they deserve!


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