Meimarakis’ Meetings in Canada

182E2B7EF7A7EA951FA5A8741B5067BA“Today Greece is experiencing its important moments. It must inform everyone of its great achievement, and that it is able to stand back on its feet once again and show it has created a friendly business environment which can attract investments, lead to growth and reduce unemployment, ” the President of the Parliament, Evangelos Meimarakis was quoted saying in the capital, Ottawa, on the first day of his official visit to Canada.

Meimarakis stressed that his visit is part of the briefing of all those factors that can actually affect the social and economic life of Canada, in order to proceed with investments in Greece, always within the legal framework that exists in the country, which can create new jobs.

The President of the Hellenic Parliament also stressed that he met with Greek immigrants and the president of the Canadian Parliament, ministers and other important personalities to inform them of the path that Greece has traversed and invite them to come and invest in our country.


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