AHEPA Upset Over Macedonia Reference

FYROM President  Gjorge Ivanov
FYROM President Gjorge Ivanov in Canada

AHEPA-Canada, through its President George Vasilas, has sent a letter of protest to the National Post for its article about the leader of FYROM coming to the country and identifying him as the President of Macedonia. The piece stated that, “In an event that was overlooked by virtually every single newspaper, radio station and T.V. crew in the entire western world, the leader of two million Macedonians, President Gjorge Ivanov, conducted his first state visit to Canada this week”.

The article noted the longstanding dispute with Greece over the rights to the word Macedonia and explained that “Greece refuses to recognize the name because it is the same as that of the northern Greek province of Macedonia. Athens worries that this could imply a claim on its territory,” and said that  FYROM was “the home base of conqueror Alexander the Great”.

AHEPA, basing its arguments on a letter sent to U.S. President Barack Obama in 2009 undersigned by 373 scholars of Graeco-Roman antiquity, said: We do not understand how the modern inhabitants of ancient Paionia, who speak Slavic – a language introduced into the Balkans about a millennium after the death of Alexander – can claim him as their national hero. Alexander the Great was thoroughly and indisputably Greek. His great-great-great grandfather, Alexander I, competed in the Olympic Games where participation was limited to Greeks.”

AHEPA said that FYROM follows a policy of extreme nationalism and provocative attitude against Greece and violated the UN Interim Agreement. Although FYROM does not embrace EU and NATO policies, Greece has been the largest source for foreign investments in the country, investments that reached 12.3 million euros ($16.15 million) in 2012.



  1. I feel pity for you Delchev, you have been brainwashed by the Greek state propaganda. Александар was a (Slav) Macedonian not a Hellenic. Hellenic civilization has never existed and Hellenic nation was reconstructed in the last years. The whole Greek peninsula has always been Slavic

  2. Armenians, Pontics and Roma can be Christian too, but have nothing to do with Macedonia, where they were introduced as settlers to mix with the brainwashed Slav Macedonians and were all forced to convert into the forged Hellenic identity and language

  3. “We are Slavs who came to this area in the sixth century AD. We are not descendants of the ancient Macedonians.”
    — [FYROM’S President Mr. Kiro Gligorov, Foreign Information Service Daily Report, Eastern Europe, February 26, 1992, p. 35.]

  4. The VAST Majority of Scholars support the Greek position that Macedonia is Greek and not Skopian one. The Macedonia Evidence movement worldwide is signed by Scholars in Archeology, History and other Sciences from Scholars around the world including Slavic ones.

    Scholarly studies from various races and various continents trumps the opinions of crooked politicians paid off by skopian lobbyists anytime anywhere.

  5. No. You are not credible with statements like this. There is ZERO evidence suggesting Alexander the Great was a Slav. Absolutely zero. Stop embarassing yourself. The Slavs came to the Balkans in the sixth century.

  6. I disagree. I can go back to my great grandparents who have always called themselves Macedonians. They pre-date Communist Yugoslavia. They did had Bulgarian sympathies but never identified as Bulgarian. They identified as Macedonian.

    There is significant literature that suggests that the Ancient Macedonians differentiated from Ancient Greeks. I do not say this to suggest that modern Macedonians are direct ancestors of the ancient Macedonians, but rather to illustrate the modern Greeks claims are not all true.

  7. Wow that’s crazy. No one in the world would support that argument. You need to stop embarassing yourself.

  8. you are a probably a Greek Macedonian, brainwashed by Greek state propaganda. Read some unbiased historians such as Aleksander Donski

  9. Aleksandar Donski is not a reputable scholar. I challenge you to provide credible sources that the Ancients were Proto-Slavs.

    Your argument is absurd.

  10. You dont get to tell the Greeks of land in the original Macedon what they call themselves…MACEDONIANS. You dont get to tell the Greeks in Alexander’s birth place, Pella in GREECE, what they call themselves!

  11. In other words, you could not produce a single scholar outside of FYROM nationalists that claim ancient Macedonians were Slavs. The reason for this is because Slavs didn’t show up into the region until 1000 years after Alexander. Y

    You former self-identifying ethnic Bulgarians not only have nothing to do with ancient Macedonians but you are actually anti-macedonians. Ancient Macedonians loved Hellenism. You anti-Macedonians in FYROM prefer Slavicism and hate Hellenism.

  12. Gligorov had only one eye, could only see half of the truth. He was brainwashed by the communists


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