Canadian Texts Show Greece As Muslim

Muslim Greece in Canadian school mapsSeveral school books in Canada depict a religious map of Islam occupying a great part of Greece. This particular map is used in every school except for Greek- Canadian schools.

This has raised questions within the Greek-Canadian community, which is upset that students are being taught that much of Greece has a large Muslim population and is affronted at what it believes distorts the country’s history and the 400-year Ottoman Occupation that enslaved Greeks before they revolted almost 200 years ago to regain their lands.



  1. For all practical purposes, greece can actually be considered part of the Middle East, which happens to be mostly Muslim. This is not a big deal, the greek diaspora should relax.

  2.  Uh, no. No it can not. It’s part of Europe. Do facts mean nothing in a TEXT book? It should reflect accurate truths, not “practical purposes.” And in any case, genius, it shows northern Greece, which is farther from the “Middle East” you’re talking about.

    But, again, facts mean nothing to you, you’ve made clear. It’d be just as absurd if they showed China being Greek Orthodox or Libya — closer to Greece than Greece is to the Middle East — being Greek Orthodox. Truths are truth.

  3. Our homeland will become a Shiar run Muslim state in a few more years if our imbecile leftsts don’t stand up to foreign based NGOs trying to run our immigration policies. 

  4. “greece can actually be considered part of the Middle East:

    Sure. And the UK is part of Africa. The US is actually Latin America. And Israel (which is also on the map labelled in red) apparently now isn’t part of the middle east?

    I think you should stop colluding with people trying to wipe out the Greek people. Genocide isn’t a human right.

  5. Not to mention that according to this map, Montenegro is not a country, and half of Albania is Christian, Bosnia is Christian, and Serbia is Catholic . No wonder everybody thinks that Quebecers are idiots.. But I also blame Greeks for not doing enough to prevent this nonsense, Im pretty sure if this happend to the Jewish Community they would be all over this….

  6. Are you for real? What a lot of belony! You definitely aren’t a Hellene! Which conspiracy do you belong to? Or perhaps you need to get your history right.

  7. reveal the name of the textbook, suspend the textbook and force them to issue an apology to all former and current students.

  8. As Salamu Alaykum.

    Why by the grace of Allah do you believe you deserve a country? Surely you can see the benefit of Muslim role in your unruly country. 
    Fi Amaan Allah

  9. What is the name of the book, and who is the publicsher.  What is the ISBN number.  In what greades is this taught (elementary, middle school, high school, colleg ??? )  Can anyone scan the specific pages that show the details of what is tought and also the page that shows the  book title, publicsher,  isbn number, year of publication and author,  etc.  For anyone to take some proper action, one needs this sort opf information.  We all must contact the Canadian government, and complaint, but also the publisher.  The publisher should also be sued for falsification of facts and history.

  10. The chart seems to be a nonsense IPO prospectus of a non existent company and full of  forward looking statements  that became the wisful thinking of romantic and  daydreamers politicians of our neighbors. Their  self- fulfilling prophecy cannot be realized because as a global Minotaur his role has been debunked  though  they are well skilled in devious argumentation and

  11. Although your article does not mention which schools (english speaking or french speaking) use such information in their school books, the important aspect is that the person:persons who wrote the books have complete and utter ignorance on the subject and hence, incompetent to write books again. Cer§tainly, it goes without saying that the supervisors of these persons are equally responsible and equally incompetent fo the job they were supposed to do. In any event the Ministry of Education of Canada should be a bit more responsible for what its schools teach their pupils.

  12. Whether you consider Greece to be part of the Middle East or not makes no difference to demographic inaccuracies.  First of all, the ‘Middle East’ is a western construct, which as you have actually pointed varies depending on who talks about it…I’ve had people in my Geography courses (I am a lecturer in Geography) suggest Afghanistan is the Middle East, while Turkey is not…the correct Geographic terms are Europe, Asia, Africa, and then you add north, east, south, west to properly locate a country/nation/state…but that’s still not the point.  The point is there is an error.  Census data indicates (if it’s not blatantly obvious) that the majority of the population in Greece is in fact Christian.  There is of course a Muslim population, a Jewish population etc. but in considerably smaller numbers.  Therefore, whether you are Greek or not, from the Middle East or not, without any attempt to insult anyone’s choice of faith – at the end of the day – the textbook is wrong, it needs to be corrected. If you look further, there are additional errors in this map, as another person also noted with respect to the diversity of religions of the nations that were former Yugoslavia, but also with respect to Cyprus.  Cyprus definitely has a Muslim population, no doubt about that, but census data indicates the largest religion is Orthodox Christian, followed by Muslim, then Catholic, etc. So, if majority rules, how is it green?  If we want to be specific, then by all means, let’s do so…green where green should be, yellow where yellow…
    Bottom line:  the way the information is displayed on this map is wrong

  13. Has anyone seen a copy of this book ? Has the reported who wrote this story seen a copy ? Has she checked a few schools on that ? Otherwise she should go back to Journalism school .

  14. u are unworthy of a god yourself ! u r unworthy of the human kind yourself cause u r unfree! kneel when u refer to the hellenic civilisation! go back to yr country and live like an animal!

  15. Better be a free person than a obediant dog, my muslim friend . Open a book, something to read, before you say anything about our country . From your comments it is easy to see how fully clueless on Greeks and their faith .

    Aade xesemas re oufo

  16. Typical inflammatorial bullshit from the people who love us . Our culture, which is superior to yours whatever you might have, is the center of the world . It is you now that must accept this truth and relax , taking it easy .


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