Golden Dawn’s Montreal X-mas: Greeks Only

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada’s national public radio and television broadcaster, released a large report on Golden Dawn’s chapter in Montreal. The report focuses on the right-wing extremist party’s racist and xenophobic policy in Montreal.

Golden Dawn is preparing a food drive for Christmas with food distributed only to Christian Greeks. Their action,  like every previous one, is condemned by many Greeks, political observers and human rights advocates. “This is racial discrimination in its worst form,” said Montreal councilor Mary Deros of the Christmas food drive.

“Based on what we see and because there are Greek people who are starving, we decided to contact them to see if we can help them,” said Spiros Macrozonaris, Golden Dawn’s deputy leader in Montreal.

CBC journalist Joanne Vrakas claimed that she is facing threats by members of the Golden Dawn party because she had reported on this matter in the past. Her videos on Youtube receive inflammatory comments, referring to Jewish and Muslims.

“”To them, a Jew is not a Greek,” said Quebec’s Regional Director for B’nai Brith, Anna Ahronheim. “Jews’ history in Greece holds many years, so how can you say they’re not Greeks?”

The report said that many representatives from Greek organizations react and condemn Golden Dawn’s racist behavior in Montreal.