SkyGreece to Link Athens With Canada, U.S.

Coming on the heels of Qatar Airways’ announcement that in January, 2013 it will offer Athens-to-New York flights, a new company, SkyGreece Airlines, based in Canada and with Greek-Canadian interests, is also planning to start direct flights from Athens to Canada, as well as New York and Chicago.

The flights will start in May 2013 and the weekly program will include two flights, one to Toronto and another to Montreal. The flights to New York will be three times a week. The company said it will  launch direct flights from Athens to Chicago and South Africa as well.

The company will use Airbus A340-300 aircraft. SkyGreece Airlines said that the Cabin crew will be Greek and their aim is use Greek pilots as well.

The agreement was signed in a meeting held at the home of the Greek Ambassador to Canada, Eleftherios Aggelopoulos’, with managers of the company. SkyGreece’s offices in Montreal will start operating the second week of December, and a few weeks later, the offices in Toronto will be opened. The New York office will open in February. The company’s office at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport in Athens is already open.

SkyGreece is planning to start a promotional campaign in January 2013 and intends to combine flights with cruise itineraries to the Greek islands in summer 2013. Skygreece Airlines was founded in October 2012. The company’s main mission is to re-unite the North American Diaspora with the Greek Homeland. It was founded by a team of entrepreneurs who have extensive careers in the aviation and tourism fields.


  1. The fact that Qatar is launching JFK-ATH, is going to add too much capacity to that route, and yes, they will have greek speaking personnel on board, if listening of greek is important to you.  Also, without any luggage transfer agreement with a local greek airline, would make travel more complicated if your final destination is not ATH.  Both  Delta, & Air Canada have such agreements in place.
    The two planes are  ex Gulf Air , A340-300’s, so finding qualified personnel to staff them is easy, since there are alot of ex Olympic people available.
    Its a tough undertaking, with just two planes to serve 3 destinations  5 times a week, but I wish them luck.

  2. I tried to go to their offices to give them my CV and they didn’t even let me in the building…the guy that answered the door kept me with the camera and he said to me to search in the net the mail to sent my CV or i should drop it off next to their mail box….
    That’s not what i was expecting from an airline.

  3. Being of greek origin myself, I am amazed at how gullible my fellow greeks are…The only plane aquired so far , is over 21 years old, and is being overhauled in ISTANBUL, ( Constantinople). Patriotism be damned, cost and profit above all. A start up low cost airline, flying out of JFK or ORD, YYZ , YUL, without interline agreements is doomed to fail. Hellenic Imperial, in which Father Alexandris was part of, lasted only 1 month. Hopefully he gained experience from that fiasco.Lastlythey are selling greek hospitality? Is it serving dolmadakia and watching Vougiouklaki films during the flight, or listening to byzantine hymns ? So, they have one plane, and will serve 4 destinations from North America… So they are trying to launch an airline out of a facebook page…and your posts are deleted, unless you praise the airline. People seem to think that ex- OA pilots will be staffing it… Not quite, ex OA pilots already have jobs at the gulf airlines, like Qatar, Emirates and Etihad. Secondly, OA pilots were not certified on B767 equipment, and it takes alot of money to do so… and it won’t happen, being a low cost airline.


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