For Kalofagas, Greek Christmas Dinner Comes Early

Peter MinakisThe cold months have arrived, even in Greece. The beaches are replaced by gathering at tavernas, estiatoria and warm fireplaces with family and friends. Chestnuts are being gathered, the aroma of quinces wafts through the home and the slaughter of the pig will take place in many towns.

“I’m ecstatic about cooking a dinner that will echo the tastes and aromas of Greek Christmas…Christougenna,” says Peter Minakis the chef behind, one of the most popular Greek food blogs online.

Minaki will finally serve some of his signature dishes that people have been browsing on his site at the Kalofagas Greek Christmas dinner on Dec 11. The event will take place in Toronto, Canada at the Aphrodite Cooks.

What’s in the menu?

“As always, there will be homemade bread at the tables. Three mezedes from sea, forest and farm: baked oysters ala Greque, warm medley of olive oil poached olives with roasted garlic and cheese and finally…Kreatopita (meat pie) made with hand-opened phyllo pastry. Our next course will be a creamy artichoke and potato soup followed by one of my favourites…Lahanodolamdes (cabbage rolls) in Avgolemono sauce. The main course will be slow-roasted pork served with smashed roast potatoes with a sprinkle of smoked paprika from the horio.”

The dessert will be a surprise but some Kourabiedes and Melomakarona will help set the Christmas mood. Greek wines will be served for each course, paired with care by Steve Kriaris and Kolonaki Group.

“I have a few surprises in store for my guests throughout the night and I hope you will join me on Tuesday, December 11th,” concludes the Greek-Canadian food connoseur.

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  1. on your site , there was a pop us screen play for prize and it costs £4.50 per week just to enter competition..are you aware of this ?????

  2. Your menu sounds great,wish My family and I lived close by but unfortunately we live in Montreal.
    We wish the best in life,good health always and keep those recipes coming.


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