Greek Migrant Ashton a Top Canadian MP

Maclean’s, Canada’s most prestigious weekly current affairs magazine, ranks Member of Parliament Niki Ashton among the most active lawmakers of the year 2012, based on her effectiveness in serving her constituency.

Ashton, who was elected as a New Democratic Member of Parliament for the electoral district of Churchill in Manitoba, said her slogan is, “Visiting my constituency fills me with energy” .

She said she’s not afraid of the cold, snow or remote region and visits even the most isolated villages, which don’t have hotels. She travels with her caravan. Only 30, she dares to cross the  fourth-largest area in the vast regions of Canada.

“Being constantly on the street may be exhausting but visiting  my constituency provides me with great energy. The kind of challenges that people are facing in my region are so many, that the headache caused from the trip is negligible,”  she told Maclean’s.

Ashton, who is fluent in Greek, stressed that the youth in her constituency helps her connect with the region, given that two out of five residents are under the age of 20 years old.


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