Greek Ambassador in Canada: “This Government Will Do its Best to Succeed”

Canadian newspaper Ottawa Citizen published an interview of Greek Ambassador to Canada Eleftherios Angellopoulos under the title “Greece Seeks EU Understanding.” The Greek ambassador notes that “help (is) required to generate growth, reduce unemployment.”

In his interview with Canadian journalist Jennifer Campbell, E. Aggelopoulos expresses his optimism for Greece’s future, “after it elected a coalition government that is committed to staying in the eurozone.”

“The outcome of the election can be interpreted as the desire of the Greek people to stay on board within the euro, and to remain an integral part of the eurozone,” he said. “It’s also very clear that the Greek people want new efforts to be taken to create growth and fight unemployment, currently at 22 per cent,” added the Greek ambassador.

E. Aggelopoulos pointed out that the Greek people have already experienced many sacrifices and that the election outcome indicates their wish to “succeed in this national effort with unity.”

“We hope that they (other EU delegates) will realize that this is a government that would like to address the key problems, mainly, unemployment,” he said adding that he would like to see more support and solidarity by our partners. “It’s a government that is ready to continue with introducing all the reforms that need to be introduced and continuing on the path of consolidation,” he noted, acknowledging that the coalition government under Samaras has asked for a two-year-extension for the implementation of the memorandum’s terms and most importantly underlined that austerity measures have proven ineffective,

“We have achieved some results. Other things remain to be done and we have the determination to continue our efforts to overcome this crisis,” he continued, noting that the new government will talk with the EU partners and explain the financial conditions in Greece.

The Greek Ambassador did not wish to address Schauble’s new comments insisting on that “It was very clear from the first moment, this government will do its best to succeed.”

Original interview: Ottawa Citizen


  1. What results you are talking about??? I think you are day dreaming. Greece will not survive under any circumstances without any changes and specifically eliminating the massive corruption in the country and enforce law & order on all including those corrupt politicians. What results you are talking about while people still committing suicide because they don’t have the means to survive. I suggest you do some searching before you comments without having facts in your hands.


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