Homer’s “Odyssey” 12-Hour ‘Marathon’ Performance in Ottawa

Greece has been found in a terrible financial condition resulting in increasing negative comments by the international press. The ominous coverage of the developments in our country cannot, however, change the respect of many nations towards Greece or diminish the importance of our glorious past. All around the world ancient Greek art keeps attracting interest and admiration. This same admiration led to a 12-hour “marathon” session by 18 Canadian storytellers and two women producers who decided to present Homer’s “Odyssey,” the greatest epic in Western Culture as vividly as possible.

Eighteen performers–narrators not readers with no notes, no cues, no prompts- will take you on Odysseus’ epic journey from the end of the Trojan War to his return to his faithful wife, Penelope, on his island kingdom of Ithaca.  Along the way, you will meet those characters you have known all your life: the enchantress Circe, the monstrous Cyclops, the goddess Athena, and the sirens.  With Odysseus, you will carry the winds of the whole world in a bag, you will fight fearsome foes, you will travel to the underworld, and you will live to tell the tale.

The full journey of Odysseus, from Troy to Ithaca, with all its famed adventures: the Cyclops, Circe, the Lotus Eaters, the Sirens, the Underworld, and much more! The journey will conclude with the hero’s homecoming to his wife Penelope, and the battle with the usurpers who await him, the 12-hour performance will be presented at the Fourth Stage of the National Arts Center in Ottawa, on June 16 at 10.00 a.m.

Details and ticket purchase information at http://nac-cna.ca/en/community/event/2020


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