The Most Famous TV Host in Canada is Greek

The most famous TV host in Canada is Greek. His name is George Stroumboulopoulos and he has managed to get Canadian audience to remember and easily pronounce his full name despite its obvious length. Being the host of the popular CBC Television’s “George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight,” he has interviewed such celebrities as Hillary Clinton, Arianna Huffington, basketball player LeBron James and world-class actor Clint Eastwood.

So, what does the six Gemini Awards-winning TV host have to say about his show, his last name, Greece and the coverage of the financial crisis in Canada?

“Many change their names, but I didn’t want to do that. I grew up in Toronto, a city open to cultural pluralism where I never felt uncomfortable about my roots. The truth is that when I was in my first professional steps, people suggested that I shorten it…I thought about it and concluded I liked it the way it was,” he explains in an interview with Greek newspaper Ethnos.

On how international media present the crisis, Stroumboulopoulos notes, “The general view of the media on what is actually happening is false. It irritates me that no one pays the necessary attention to the fact that the crisis is not ‘Greek’ but international.”

George admits he uses every occasion to speak to his fans about Greece and promote its history, mythology and values.


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