Greek Ambassador to Canada Talks about Crisis

Canadian newspaper National Post published an interview with Greek Ambassador Eleftherios Aggelopoulos. Titled “After the painful debt restructuring, Greece tries to develop,” the Greek diplomat answers questions concerning Greece.

Should the memorandum become enforced and new investments become available to support Greece, “we believe that the country could be developed,” says the Greek ambassador.

He admits that Greece has high unemployment rates. On the contrary, he also mentions the tourist competency, the possibility of development in the agricultural sector, as well as discusses the country’s mineral wealth.

The Greek diplomat also answers tough questions in regards to the possibility of Greece not being able to develop. He says that despite negative predictions, Greece could become more financially competitive and punish tax evasion so that it has higher income.

When questioned if Greek citizens dislike or oppose to the austerity measures, Ambassador Aggelopoulos tells the journalist that the majority of them want the measures to be successful and the country to participate in the Eurozone. He also stresses the fact that Greece has a long story.

“We have been through difficult times in the past, but I believe that we could overcome this crisis,” he concluded.


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