Canadian Singer Lynda Thalie To Perform in Greece For The First Time

(Original Story in Greek By Inga Athanasiadou)

Singer Lynda Thalie of Algerian Origin, who is considered to have the most beautiful voice in Canada, is going to perform in Greece for the first time.

The singer’s first performance will be held at the French Institute of Athens on the 15th of March (Galliko Institouto), and the second one will be held at ‘Olympion’ in Thessaloniki on the 19th of March.

Lynda Thalie’s unique voice and musical style have earned her a special place in the Canadian arts community. Depicted as a singer/songwriter who gracefully weds North African and Middle-Eastern beats with Occidental sounds, Lynda Thalie has garnered critical acclaim as an artist who mirrors the diversity of today’s Quebec.

Her career is studded with musical jewels fashioned with such artists as Michel Rivard, Luc de Larochellière and Yann Perreau from Québec, as well as Rachid Taha of France and Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel). She has also provided vocals for the soundtrack of films by Michel Cusson of Cité-Amérique and the National Film Board of Canada.


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