Two Million Visitors at the Greek Festival of Toronto

The Greek Festival of Toronto is the largest Greek festival in the world.
It was estimated that this year, two million people attended the Greek Festival of Toronto “Taste of Danforth”.  The festival has been organized for the past 18 years by Greek Town, the Little Greece of Toronto.

Large Canadian newspapers, like Toronto Star, Globe, and Mail consider it the biggest event in North America. The Canadian Tourism Organization promotes it as one of the biggest attractions of the country.

The Polling Company Decima state that 90% of Toronto citizens consider it the most important event of the city.

It is organized the first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of August in the Greek neighborhood of Toronto.  The area is known for having the most restaurants in the world along a 3km strip, where the Festival takes place.


How can you serve all these people? This is the biggest concern of the President of the Greek Town and Taste of Danforth Mr. Dinos Voidonikolas: to be able to welcome two million visitors and offer them the best quality services and security. Luckily, they have never faced security problems in the Festival, maybe because Greece does not have enemies and, the Greeks of Canada are considered among the most peaceful immigrants in the country. However, due to the fear of terrorism in North America, it is easy to consider that an event with two million visitors might constitute a possible target.


  1. The city and province really enjoy this festival as the Greeks donate much of the profits to the local hospital which has been saving the province in particular millions of dollars. 


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