Interview with Neverest Lead Singer “Spee” Spyros Chalkiotis

You’ve definitely heard them before. On the verge of breaking loose and taking over the Canadian pop-rock music scene, one of Toronto’s newest bands, “Neverest” is rapidly ascending to stardom.

Since releasing their first single “About Us” in October 2010 and their first EP with the same title on March 29, 2011, Neverest has reached the Number 1 position on the MuchMusic Top 30 Countdown and number 30 on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100. Their music video for “Everything” received a nomination for the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards, an event where they were seen strolling the red carpet beside names as big as Bieber.

So why are we talking about Neverest on You’ve probably guessed it – the band’s lead singer and front man, Spyros Chalkiotis, comes from a Greek family and is a rabidly proud Greek-Canadian.

Before I could usher in a word on the phone, Spyros jumped at the opportunity to speak Greek. “Can you speak Greek, can we talk in Greek?” he asked eagerly, like a puppy just released from his cage. “I like to take advantage of every opportunity to practice Greek,” he admits ambitiously.

And in a moment, the character and nature of Spyros is revealed – positive, energetic, enthusiastic and determined. It has been these qualities that have elevated Spyros and his band from students of music with aspirations for glory to national celebrities.

Spyros’ life as a star started with a courageous decision to shape his own destiny, and turn his lifelong dream into a reality.

“I was studying music at York actually as a drummer and basist, never a singer,” says Chalkiotis. “It was insane how the transformation happened. I was applying to Teachers College and I knew if I sent in my application, being a teacher would be my reality. I couldn’t give up on my dream, so instead of sending in my applications, I decided that I was going to be homeless or I was going to be famous.” Read more here.

Source: / Cory Sterling


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