Greek-Canadian Phil Xenidis Named Lead Guitarist on Bon Jovi’s Tour

He plays the guitar perfectly and when he performs live, steals the show. He is of Greek descent and he will be at the OAKA Stadium in Athens, on the 20th of July.  He will be performing next to rock star Jon Bon Jovi, replacing Richie Sambora.

Phil Xenidis, known as Phil X, was born in May 1966. The Greek-Canadian guitarist is the co-founder of the band Powder. In the last decade, the band was characterized as one of the surprises of the contemporary music scene of Los Angeles. Through Powder he became well-known not only in the USA, but also in Europe. For a long time he replaced Rik Emmett in Triumph.  Until today, he has cooperated with many people from the rock scene such as Rob Zombie, The Drills, Aldo Nova, Frozen Ghost and more.

The temporary exit of Richie Sambora from the Bon Jovi band was official announced on the 29th of April. The top guitarist became a victim of his drug addiciton and he is now at a detoxification centre. Phil Xenidis accepted the invitation and now he is with the legendary Jon Bon Jovi on this year’s tour as his lead guitarist.

His first appearance was at the New Orleans Jazz Fest’s Acura Stage. This year’s tour was very much publicized and ends on July 31st in Lisbon.


  1. I am a Greek journalist here in Greece and I dont think I’ve heard of this girl writing this. I dont trust this article either. Maybe she is not updated.

  2. Phil X showed what a class act and huge talent he is by walking in on very short notice and nailing the gig. Congrats to Phil on a job well done. And Jon was VERY happy.

    Hope Richie gets well soon. It sounds like he will be back for Europe.

    Boardwalk Beachcats…. did you see a show? Or is your performance review based on your deep seeded bias for all things Sambora?

  3. This article is full of flaws, check your facts please. Phil X did fill in for Richie in May as he was in rehab and where does this Drug detoxation centre crap comes from anyways. What Richie is/was in for hasn’t been announced so just a speculation here. Also it looks GOOD that Richie will be back for the European shows from ppl who’s got contacts although not conformed of course. Phil X isn’t coming to Europe as he tweeted that he had his last show with Bon Jovi on May 22nd.

    Also you should know that Phil hates when media claims he REPLACED Richie, he stated in a tweet that he was ONLY standing in for Richie, big difference there. And he did a great job doing it from what I could tell from the youtube videos I saw and the Bon Jovi boys were happy with him :-). But, I fully believe Richie will be back for Europe!


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