Various Greeks Elected in Canada’s Historic Government Race

Liberal incumbent Jim Karygiannis is overcome with emotion as he is hugged by his friend and supporter Sam Sotiropoulos at the victory party in Scarborough-Agincourt Monday night.

Canadians voted and offered the first majority government to Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, after a historic race, where party correlations were reversed and the New Democratic Party of Jack Layton was nominated by the Opposition. The Liberal Party sank, only occupying the third position and the separatist Bloc Québécois lost its power over Quebec. At 11:30 p.m. Conservatives were winning 168 seats (they had had 143), the New Democratic Party held 102 seats (it had had 47), the Liberals held 33 seats (they had had 77) and Bloch Québécois held 4 seats (it had had 36). During a historic reversal, at Scarborough-Agincourt of Ontario, Jim Karagiannis kept the seat of the Liberal Party, but John Kanis lost it at Scarborough-Centre. Costas Menegakis, President of Canada SAE, won for the first time the seat for the Conservatives at Richmond Hill of Ontario. Tony Clement of Cypriot descent, Minister of Conservative Party’s government, was re-elected in Parry Sound-Muskoka. Nicky Ashton of Greek descent was re-elected in Manitoba with the New Democratic Party.



  1. congratulations to Mr. Karygiannis as he is a great individual…but how predictable that another elected member of greek origin used and ruined the greek community for his own benefit.  I had predicted that all Mr. Menegakis cared for was to be elected in the Canadian federal parliament and I am sad to have been right. The Greek Community of Toronto has been destroyed and he is happily enjoying his new office. with no remorse as it seems.  Who is going to compensate our parents’ effort to build a community?
    shame ….Once again congratulations to Mr Karygiannis for 20 plus years he is making us proud!
    Hara Stathopoulos


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