“The Magic Recorder” Greek Book & CD Presented in Montreal

On Sunday, the 1st of May 2011, the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal (HCGM) presented the children’s book and CD in Greek “The Magic Recorder”, during a music event at the Hellenic Community Centre. The children’s choir Chroma Musika/ Socrates, in cooperation with six members of “Zouzounia”, performed songs off the album. For the children of the choir Chroma Musika/ Socrates, the “Magic Recorder” is another work added in their increasing repertoire. Chroma Musika, under the direction of tenor Dimitris Ilias and of soprano Maria Diamantis, founded the choir in 2004 to offer new chances to children of Greek descent in Montreal, to sing in Greek with famous symphonic orchestras of Montreal and to learn how music is produced. The same year the orchestra recorded its first album, “The Selfish Giant” and in 2008 they went on with two more: “The Little Fugitive” and “The Carnival of Miracles and Monsters”. Most children of the choir are students at the primary school “Socrates”.  It is a trilingual school which belongs to the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal. In this Canadian-Greek coproduction, tenor Demetris Ilias, soprano Maria Diamantis, Marienela Spinoula and Makis Papagavriil play the first roles. Part of the play will be presented at the Town Hall of Montreal.



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