Canadian immigration proposes stricter marriage requirements

The Canadian government has proposed a new rule which would require a person coming to stay in Canada with their partner to stay in the relationship for two years before being granted permanent residence.
The stricter requirement is an attempt by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to crack down on fraudulent marriages.
Under the new proposal, a spouse or partner from overseas who has been in a relationship with their Canadian partner for less than two years would only be granted conditional permanent residence.
If the overseas partner failed to stay in the relationship, or it can be shown that it is not a genuine relationship, conditional permanent residence could be revoked.
The United States, Britain and Australia already have similar laws in place.
The Canadian government has also proposed to introduce a “sponsorship bar”. This would prevent those who gained entry to Canada themselves as sponsored partners and spouses from sponsoring a new partner for five years.


  1. I totally support this idea. They should make it 5 years instead of 2. After all, staying in a loveless fake marriage for 2 year for a Canadian passport is totally worth it. I’m sure there are people out there who are in a loveless marriage for way longer than 5 years.

    There are people who don’t support this idea because “women” will be victimized in an abusive relationship. Ok, let me enlighten these people. A “spouse” can be either a male or a female. For the sake of the argument, the sponsored spouse in my argument will be a female. Now, she meets the love of her life and moves to Canada to be with him. Great, I love happy endings.

    Now after 3 months in Canada , he starts to beat her mercilessly, she thinks it’s temporary so she stays with him, and so he beats her for another 3 months. Now, this wife is being abused, why is she still in this relationship? Two reasons; one is that she has a “self-defeating personality disorder”, and she should seek help and leave this husband. Yes, she will be sent back to wherever she’s from, but isn’t that better than being beat up by the husband everyday for 2 years? Yes, she is mentally sick, but nobody can help her but herself. She should leave his husband. She comes Canada for love, now her love turns out to be a jerk, she should leave this sad sad place and good luck choosing a better husband next time. The second reason that a woman will stay in an abusive relationship is because she wants to ride it out, and if she doesn’t die in the end of the 2nd year, and she will be granted citizenship. Now, in the second reason, her intention is clear, she’s after the citizenship, her love is fake, send her back.

    If their love is genuine, it shouldn’t matter what status the sponsored spouse has in Canada. I do think that the sponsored spouse should, at least, be covered the medicare and other types of disability insurance; just some basic coverage. If having Canadian citizenship is so important, then maybe they should re-evaluate their love. The immigration is willing to let the sponsored spouse enter Canada more easily, so they can be together, isn’t that enough?

    I support this new rule so much because currently I’m greatly affected by the suspicion of fraudulent marriage. I want to sponsor my wife to come to Canada , but due to some personal reasons, my application will be rejected and deemed as fraudulent. I went to an immigration lawyer (his first name is Grant) last Monday (March 28, 2011), and I asked him to draft an affidavit for my wife to sign, proclaiming that when, or if, she arrives in Canada, she will not apply for citizenship for ten years, and if she leaves me, she will agree to be sent back to her home country. I was hoping to use this affidavit to convince the immigration officers that my wife is NOT after the passport, she just wants to be with me. However, the lawyer told me that such document is useless, because there is no law permitting such “bargaining” behavior. This was just last Monday, and I can’t believe that I’m reading about this new rule now, I’m so happy, and I really hope it will be implemented soon. Way to go Conservatives, I will vote for you guys in May, and thank you! I can provide the name of the immigration lawyer that I went to see.


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