Is Toronto’s Greektown becoming less Greek?

From the looks of it, Danforth, Toronto’s Greektown is gradually becoming less Greek.
The businesses that are closing down are disproportionately Greek ones, many of which were independent and family-owned. The main reason being that the rents are just too high.
“When it gets so high, only the big chains can afford to move in. But I have noticed things changing, especially in the past two years,” a woman behind the counter at Toronto’s Athena Bakery says.
According to shop owner Chris Collins: “I think the issue is threefold, one: the rents are insanely high, two: many of the older businesses owners are retiring and their kids don’t want to take over  and three: the Danforth residential aspect is changing.”


  1. I returned to Toronto after 13 years and the Danforth is not the same. I remember it when I was a university student and I miss it. .Katerina

  2. It ended about 8-10 years ago. Its a gentrified, yuppy area now but still i think the best part of Toronto.

  3. im born in adelaide, south australia. mum is from sparti and dad from kalamata. ive never been to canada, but hav seen many documentarys and photos of ur splendid greek precinct, it goes in cycles, its plataued for the time being.. oakleighs melbourne greek precinct is a example, has boomed within the last 10 years, and is still growing.. it might be time for some fresh faces to take control of the precinct and take it into new grounds.. the help of the local council and govt funding always helps. in oakleigh because 10 shops have become 50. the state govt gave $2 million dollars towards upgrade and incentives..
    good luck kai euxomai na perasw apo ta meri sas sintoma


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