Greek-Canadian Moves Back to the Homeland

It is broadly reknown that the majority of Greek immigrants lived with the dream of returning to live in their homeland after spending years in different parts of the globe. The same dream sometimes is shared within their children who where born in different nations but where brought up as Greeks.
This is the case for Ilias Kouyemitros, a Canadian born Greek, who desided to come to live and create his family in Greece.
According to him: “ I felt that I belonged here. Like everyone who has two countries, often the feelings are torn. But, I have to admit, that many times I came to regret my choise of coming to live in Greece, and was thinking of going back to Canada. I could not come to terms with the Greek reality, the air polution, the noise, the burocracy that can put to test even the most resilient of us. There is no respect. Unfortunatly, in Greece, corruption is everywhere and punishment does not exist.”
He concludes: “Greeks are the biggest enemies of Greece”


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