Canadian Journalist Assaulted in Plaka in 2005, Trial Still Unscheduled

The canadian journalist Natalie Kardeef (photo) visited Greece in August 2005 for a vacation.  During her walk in the region of Plaka in Athens, a stranger talked to her and offered to guide her to the Acropolis. “It was noon and the Plaka was full of people. There was no reason for me to worry.” says the journalist. She agreed to follow him and he insisted on buying her something to eat. Finally, he got her a cheese pie and offered Natalie a piece. “He ate as well the pie, so I could not think of the danger.” However, according to the Canadian journalist there was something wrong with that pie.

In fact, the cheese pie contained an ingredient that causes blindness and even hypnosis. The only thing that Natalie was able to remember is that she woke up in a hotel room and the young man was next to her. This man has done the same thing with numerous other tourists.

Raping her was one of the horrific acts the man did to Natalie. The medical coroner who examined her wrote an essay five years later. The trial has not yet taken place and the  Canadian journalist has travelled numerous times to Greece with no result. She has now resorted to the European Court against Greece as 6 years later this man is still free.


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