Toronto: A Charismatic Phillene is the Favourite

On June 16, approximately one hundred friends and supporters of Mr. George Smitherman, one of six major candidates running for Mayor of Toronto, attended an evening reception taking place in the spacious residence belonging to the Hon. Consul General of Greece Dimitris Azemopoulos.
The evening can be defined as one filled with excellent hospitality, organization and care as the evening’s host, the Hon. D. Azemopoulos, ensured that each guest felt as if they were in the comfort of their own home.
The Mayoral candidate spoke passionately about Toronto and his strong desire to make this city a better place for all of its residents. While addressing his supporters during the night, Mr. Smitherman made it clear that the he sympathizes and understands the sensitivity of the national subjects that relate to the Greek community within Toronto. Mr. Smitherman then thanked and congratulated the Hon. Consul General for his efforts to “build solid bridges” between the city and the Greek community. Following his short message, he was greeted by each guest, who wished Mr. Smitherman success for the upcoming election in October.
It should also be noted, that the person responsible for Mr. Smitherman’s pre-election campaign, Mrs. Mary Cannis, spouse of Greek-Canadian Member of Parliament, the Honourable John Cannis, was unable to attend this event due to having a commitment outside of Canada.
(source: emphasis world)


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